The company Sparer & Sparer operating for more than 50 years in the field of ' mediation of fruit and vegetables.

Franz Gustl Sparer , born in Vilpian (Bolzano / South Tyrol / Italy ) , he founded the company in 1958.Over the years it has been joined by his son Michael Sparer , who has twenty years of experience in this sector

We handle different brands and types of fruits and vegetables (fresh or not) from all regions of Italy. We can provide you pears, peaches, kiwi ,
potatoes , grapes , onions, cucumbers and carrots from areas of typical cultivation with particular attention to the apples from South Tyrol and Trentino.

70% of our offering is made from apples, potatoes and pears for daily consumption and / or industrial .

The service is essential for Sparer & Sparer against both the customer and the manufacturer.
We perform quality checks on the spot. We are looking for the best products at the best price for our customers .